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Board of Trustees

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy's (GMA) Board is responsible for developing strategic and long-term plans to successfully hold “in trust" GMA's mission and reputation, ensure effective fiscal controls and accountability, and ensure that GMA meets all local, state and federal legal and corporate requirements. The work of trustees focuses exclusively on policies and strategies that are future-focused and not on daily operations, which are delegated to the head of the school.


Mr. Al Chiaradonna ('13 Alumni Parent), Board Chairperson

Dr. Gabriel Bikah ('15 Alumni Parent)

Sister Patricia Carroll, RSM

Ms. Anne Casavecchia

Mrs. Theresa Fasano

Sister Georgia Greene, RSM

Mrs. Bridget Keeley

Sister LaVerne King, RSM

Mrs. Anne Knapke

Mrs. Dawn Kownacki, Esq.

Mrs. Ellen Roberts ('12, '14, '15, '17 Alumni Parent)

Mrs. Mia Rosati Marko (GMAE '04)

Mrs. Colleen Stratton ('15, '17 Alumni Parent)

Mrs. Suzanne R. Swartley


The Board of Trustees Structure

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Board of Trustees' activities are carried out by committees. There are four standing committees and an Executive Committee. When the need arises, ad hoc committees are formed. Periodically the structure is evaluated to assure that our committees are engaged in meaningful and productive work that brings added value to GMA.

The members of the Board of Trustees are working professionals engaged in a variety of fields, including education, who bring a wealth of expertise and resources to our board. Members may be former GMA parents and there are also (as required by the by-laws) three Sisters of Mercy on the Board of Trustees. The members of the Board of Trustees are committed to preserving and advancing the Mission of Gwynedd-Mercy Academy.

Executive Committee

Chairperson:  Albert Chiaradonna

Members: Sister Patricia Carroll, RSM, Anne Knapke

The Executive Committee consists of the Board Chair, President (Principal), Vice Principal (Vice Principal), and any other authorized trustee. This committee acts on behalf of the Board when time does not allow for a meeting of the full board. For decisions that require Board approval, the Board Chair contacts the trustees via email to solicit the vote of the trustees.

Mission Integration


Chairperson: Anne Casavecchia

Members:  Sister LaVerne King

Non-Board Members: Linda Reeves (Director of Mission Integration and Faith Formation) 

The Mission Integration/Governance Committee seeks to deepen our understanding of and commitment to establishing the reign of God in the Mercy tradition. Through Board education, the committee keeps the trustees focused on the Mercy Charism and the Mission of GMA.

The Mission Integration/Governance Committee oversees Board Development in service of the mission as well as Board activities related to Governance including:

  • Leadership evaluation
  • By-laws changes related to our organization
  • Board Processes
  • The Trustee Handbook
  • Board membership and continuous improvement
  • New member nomination

Finance and Facilities Committee

Chairperson:  Suzanne Swartley

Members: Francis Carroll, Anne Knapke and Dawn Kownacki

Non-Board Members:  Tom O'Driscoll (Director of Operations and Maintenance), Tyler Mitchell (Director of Database and Information Technology)

The role of the Finance and Facilities Committee is to provide financial oversight for GMA, as well as to work with the administration and staff in providing an exceptional learning environment for the students of GMA. Typical tasks include audit oversight, budgeting, financial planning, financial reporting and monitoring of internal controls and accounting policy. In terms of facilities, the committee provides guidance in the management of the campus and application of technology within the school.

The Finance and Facilities Committee oversees:

  • Investment of all corporate funds
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Creation of the long term financial plan
  • Completion of the Audited Financial Statements
  • Maintenance of existing physical plant and infrastructure
  • Maintenance of existing technology equipment and infrastructure
  • Maximization of current use of the facility
  • Maximization of the current use of technology
  • 5-year plan of the facility and associated Capital Expenditure needs
  • 5-year plan of technology and associated Capital Expenditure needs

Institutional Advancement Committee

Chairperson:  Maureen Dougherty/Ellen Roberts

Members:  Theresa Fasano, Sister Georgia Greene, RSM, Mia Rosati and Colleen Stratton 

Non Board Members:   Jessica Frankowski (Director of Development), Maura LaGreca (Director of Marketing and Communications)

The Institutional Advancement Committee is responsible for working with the Directors of Development, Admissions, and Communications/Marketing to ensure GMA’s enrollment and development flourish, while always holding the school's mission as the main focus.

The Institutional Advancement Committee oversees:

  • Integration of marketing and admissions to ensure future admissions
  • Expansion of awareness of GMA’s unique educational offering
  • Expansion of capital initiatives
  • Coordination of fund-raising activities supportive of GMA’s financial needs and mission
  • Establishment of an Alumni Community and the introduction of Young Alumni to the Board

Marketing and Communications Committee

Members:  Gabriel Bikah and Bridget Keeley

Non-Board Member:  Maura LaGreca (Director of Marketing and Communications), Bethanne Connolly (Director of Enrollment Management), Jessica Frankowski (Director of Development)

The role of the Marketing and Communications Committee is to work with the administration and staff to support the brand and create a platform to expand brand awareness across our communities (e.g. students, parents, faculty, alumni, donors, and the overall community). The committee provides guidance in the management of overall communication throughout the GMA communities.

The Marketing Committee oversees:

  • Creation of the annual marketing budget
  • Establishment and dissemination of our competitive position including the key marketing messages
  • Establishment of goals to measure progress against stated marketing objectives and associated budget
  • Organization of the proactive communication across our communities in support of our strategy and brand message