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The GMA school nurse may be reached via email at or by phone at 215-461-1025. To fax a form to the school nurse, please send to 215-646-7250.

In order to promote an optimal level of wellness, a nurse is on staff at all times during the school day. The nursing staff is able to dispense required medications, perform first aid and deal with student illness. The nursing staff at GMA works with the Wissahickon School District Certified School Nurse to ensure that all guidelines regarding youth health issues are implemented. The Wissahickon nurse maintains school health records and performs weight, height, vision and hearing screenings.

The Pennsylvania School Health Law requires that all new students upon original entry, as well as students entering 6th and 11th grades, have a recent physical examination on file in their health record. A recent examination dated no earlier than one year before the school year it is required. 

A recent dental exam report is also required for all new students upon original entry, as well as students entering third (3rd) and seventh (7th) grades. A recent dental examination dated no earlier than one year before the school year it is required.

EPINEPHRINE OPT OUT: The Pennsylvania Public School Code, Section 1414.2 (g) allows parents/guardians to request an exemption to the administration of an epinephrine auto-injector for their student. In order to request this exemption, contact the school nurse to make an appointment to discuss this decision, review and sign the opt-out form.

Students who have a temperature of 100.4° or greater should remain at home. The nurse will contact the parents/guardians of any student who arrives at school ill.  

Downloadable Forms

The following forms will download in Adobe .pdf format. After downloading they can be printed, filled out and sent in to the school nurse to be included in the student's confidential medical file.

Health Information