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Health eTools Daily Screening

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy has included daily student/faculty/staff health screening before arrival at school in our reopening plan. This choice was based upon the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation that students be screened at home not upon arrival at school.

Another important recommendation from the CDC and AAP is that students/faculty and staff who do not feel well should stay home. This is not a time to power through an illness. We should all stay home when we are not feeling well and consult our Primary Care Physician (PCP) if advice is needed regarding the symptoms being experienced.

In order for the survey to work well as a tool for detecting and preventing illness in our school, parents of all students attending school In-Person must perform a daily web-based symptom check on their children. This survey must be submitted by 7:00 AM every school day. Any child who arrives at school without a parent submitting the Health eTools form prior to 7:00 AM will not be admitted into the building until the school nurse can perform a screening. Repetitive non-compliance will result in required concurrent classroom enrollment.

The platform that we are using is connected to Health eTools, the software that we use to maintain our student health records. In addition to giving us a tool to survey the health status of our students, faculty and staff, the software will be very helpful if we have positive cases of or exposure to COVID-19.  

Instructions regarding submitting your child's daily health screening:

  • Parents will receive an email containing a unique link for each child. Families of multiple children will receive an email for each one. This link may be accessed from a computer, iPhone, iPad air, Google phone or Samsung tablet.
  • The email should be saved in a folder in parent email inbox for access on a daily basis to enter each child's screening data.
  • It is suggested that parents create a shortcut for your child's Health eTools COVID-19 screening - watch this video for iPhone instructions.
    • Below are the steps for completing the screening:
    • Click on the link provided.
    • Confirm the link belongs to you.
    • Once the screening tool displays:
      • Enter your child's temperature. For our purposes, a fever is defined as temp >= to 100.4.
      • Answer the COVID-19 questions.
      • Review the COVID-19 symptoms list, check any symptoms that your child presently has.
      • Check on the dispositions available:
      • Cleared to Attend - if the information provided meets the criteria for attending school/work
      • Stay home or Contact PCP- if information provided does not meet criteria for attending school.

If your child has any symptoms indicated in red on the screening tool, you should seek immediate health care evaluation. 

If your child has been exposed whether at home or school and you have not been in contact with your PCP, we recommend you contact your child's PCP to discuss your child's risks and next steps.

If your child should become ill at school, the school nurse will call you to pick up your child. We will be separating students who are being dismissed due to COVID-19 symptoms from others in the nurse's office area. We ask that you come to school promptly and that you have alternate persons available in the event that you are not able to come to school. Your child will be permitted to return to school per the guidelines noted below.

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary will be following the Montgomery County Recommendations for Exclusion and Return to School.

Any questions concerning the screening tool should be submitted to the School Nurse @ 215-641-1025 or