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May Procession - 8th Grade Participation

The GMA annual virtual May Procession will be held on Friday, May 8. Director of Mission Integration and Faith Formation, Mrs. Linda Reeves, with help from Music Teacher and GMA Today Producer, Miss Lisa Tierney, is putting together a virtual presentation that will capture the spirit of this beautiful day. We would particularly like the 8th grade students to participate by sending in a picture of themselves and also possibly a video. Miss Tierney will be editing a video of the 8th Grade Prayer of Dedication and will include all the students who respond by this Friday, April 24.  When making the video, the student should read each line and pause briefly before reading the next line to aid in Miss Tierney's editing.  If you have any questions about the video, please contact Miss Tierney. Students should be dressed in a button-down dress shirt, nice blouse or dress or they may wear their graduation attire if they would wish, however, we are aware that many of you don't have access to these outfits at this time, and this is only an option.

Submission information for the picture for the Virtual May Procession and video for the 8th Grade Prayer of Dedication are in the students' History of Broadway Google Classroom.

Students are also invited to participate by being a part of the May Procession Reflection in their Religion classes.