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McAuley Learning Center

The McAuley Learning Center is staffed by two experienced, well-qualified, full-time learning support teachers. In the McAuley Learning Center students with diverse learning needs can receive the help the need to succeed in our challenging academic curriculum.

For most of our students, the primary role of the classroom teacher acting as a support for students with diverse learning needs is effective in our small-class size education model. GMA faculty members are trained and experienced in creating lesson plans that meet the needs of all types of learners in the classroom, and providing in-class accommodations where necessary, allowing them to reach their full potential. However, we do recognize that there is a small percentage of our students who are very bright and able to achieve in our academically rigorous program, but may need specialized assistance in developing learning skills in some areas.

Our learning support center utilizes the best practices in developing a program that meets our mission statement and our needs. The program was built upon reviews of similar programs schools in the area, including private Catholic, parish Catholic and non-religious private schools. We assessed these learning centers in terms of the services provided, how eligibility was determined, where they are provided and the qualifications of the personnel used to provide these services. We implemented a strategy, with the right resources in place, that allows us to ensure that all student needs are being met. As they move through the grades, students develop skills that will empower them to become self-directed, independent learners, preparing them for achievement in high school and beyond.

Through a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, which includes the Challenge Center for academically gifted students, classroom teachers with extensive resources, the services of our full-time School Counselor, and the Learning Support Center, we are confident that GMA students can benefit from a learning environment that is responsive to the needs of all learners, promoting self-esteem and facilitating success.