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VirtualED Helpful Tips

Please review the following helpful videos and resources to help you and your student during the VirtualEd program.

1.    Have students login to their Google account on the device they will be using during virtual learning : How to Login to Google Video
2.    Once logged in → type in the schoology address into
•    Please use this video as a tutorial: Login to Schoology Video
3.    Have your student bookmark Schoology: How to Bookmark Video
4.    Review this video for: Helpful Zoom Setting Reminders
5.    Here is a helpful handout with several videos for students when Submitting Assignments in Schoology
6.    This video shows: How to use Student Activity View in your Parent Account
7.    Here is a helpful video to: View student grades as a parent
8.    Finally, encourage short breaks from screen time when possible to reduce screen time: Research-tested-benefits-breaks