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Tuition Information and Financial Aid

Give your child an opportunity to be a leader

Our mission at Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary is to give our students the opportunity to be nourished in mind, body and spirit, allowing each child to reach his or her potential. Shaping the leaders of tomorrow, in service to others, as mentors and builders in their communities or the wider world beyond, we are confident that our students will be equipped to lead with character and knowledge.

Step one: Choose the right school for your child

Step two: Learn about our Financial Aid options and how you can make it work

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary seeks parents and students that will engage completely within our school community. Volunteering, attending Parent-Teacher Conferences and school events and supporting your child to excel within our challenging curriculum, are some of the many ways that our parents partner with us for student success.

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $13,700 for one child, a 2% increase from the previous year, consistent with increases over the last ten years.

  Tuition 2019-2020 $ of Incentive
1st Child $13,700 N/A
2nd Child $13,070 $630
3rd Child $12,430 $1,270
4th Child $11,800 $1,900

Financial Aid

Click here to learn about Affordable Financial Assistance Packages It is the goal of Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary to ensure that the school maintains a well-qualified student body from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. We seek to enroll students of strong academic potential and good character, with diverse talents, and varied interests. GMA has developed a strong financial aid program to support these goals.

Financial aid is considered on an annual basis for families who demonstrate financial need, defined as the difference between a family's resources and the child's tuition expenses. Aid is limited by the funds available. Financial aid must be reapplied for each year.

Tuition Details

Tuition is fee inclusive and includes the following:

  • Technology fee
  • Text books
  • Activity Fees
  • Educational Materials
  • Summer Math Materials
  • Services in the McAuley Learning Center
  • Initial School Stationery
  • Standardized Testing
  • Sacramental Program Fees
  • Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Graduation Fees
  • School Photograph and Class Photo per student
  • Yearbook for each family
  • Transportation and Admission Fees for a Class Field Trip (excluding 8th grade)
The only exceptions are team sports fees which are paid by junior varsity and varsity athletes, after-school Quest clubs and 8th grade expenses associated with graduation and Washington and New York City field trips.

GMA has an excellent before- and after-school extended day program available for students. Click here for more information on our CARES program.

Payment Plans

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy offers an installment payment plan as an alternative to the traditional lump payments. Utilizing the services of HES (, parents and guardians may elect to budget all or a portion of the tuition over their choice of payment schedule (click here for HES installment plan brochure):

  • 1 payment (July 1)
  • 2 payments (July 1 and November 15)
  • 4 payments (June 15, September 15, November 15, January 15)
  • 10 Payments (June 15 - March 15)

The monthly payment may be paid by check, money order or pre-authorized debit from checking or savings account. For information on plan enrollment, please contact our Business Office at

Tuition and Financial Policies

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary is committed to academic excellence that integrates Gospel values, innovative teaching methodology, and progressive instructional technology to create a nurturing and challenging child-centered environment. With the financial guidance from our dedicated Board of Trustees, it is our goal to keep tuition competitive as we greatly appreciate the sacrifices that our families make to provide their children a GMA education.

Financial Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration Deposit – The $1,000 registration deposit is due on the date specified in the student’s acceptance packet.
  2. Re-Enrollment Deposit -The deposit to be paid on or before February 28, is non-refundable and non-transferrable and will be fully credited toward the upcoming school year. However, should a student have an unfulfilled financial obligation, and a re-enrollment deposit is received, the full amount of the deposit will be applied immediately to any outstanding financial obligation.
  3. Tuition Policies
      • Enrollment is understood to be a full-year contract. When a student registers at Gwynedd-Mercy Academy, in addition to holding a place for the student, we commit resources to optimize the educational experience and design staffing, supplies, and programs based on the number of registered students. Thus, should any student withdraw or be asked to withdraw by school administration for any reason on or after October 1, prior tuition payments will not be refunded for any reason.
      • The non-refundable, non-transferable registration/re-enrollment deposit will not be applied to any outstanding balances in the event a child does withdrawal or does not return to GMA for the following school year.
      • Payment Plan due dates cannot be altered. If a payment is received after the due date, Higher Education Services will apply a corresponding late fee. There will be no exceptions.
      • The one payment option is due to either GMA or HES no later than July 1. If payment is late, you will automatically be transferred to a 2 payment plan (July 1 and November 15) resulting in a late fee of $50 and an added enrollment fee of $60.
      • Each student's total budget will be the total amount due GMA less any credits, e.g. advance deposit, sibling incentive, financial aid.
      • When enrolling in an HES plan, the Parents' Organization Fee ($100 per family) will be included in your oldest child's budget; and if applicable, the fee for the 8th grade field trips to Washington D.C. and New York ($250 per student) and 8th grade dinner/dance and activities fee ($175 per student).
      • A $45 charge will be added to the student's account for checks returned for non-sufficient funds.
      • Parents who hold a position of leadership at GMA (including but not limited to Development Council, Parents' Organization Board, etc.) must remain current with their tuition.
      • Athletic fees, CARES, and QUEST after-school activities, where applicable, will be billed separate from tuition.
      • All accounts can be viewed and managed at Higher Education Services ( Please review the Installment Payment Plan brochure from HES for more information.
      • Student and parent participation may be withheld if tuition is more than 45 days in arrears. Progress report conferences, release of trimester report cards, access to RenWeb, and participation in extracurricular sports and activities may withheld if a family’s tuition is not current. For students in 8th grade, in addition to the above, release of high school requirements, including recommendations and transcripts, will be withheld. If tuition is not fully satisfied by April 1, participation in graduation activities and commencement exercises will be prohibited.
      • GMA realizes that unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances can befall families during an academic year that could potentially impact the full satisfaction of a student’s tuition. If any such event should arise during the course of the academic year, clear communication with the Business Office is critical.


Value of Mercy in Dollars Makes Sense

The decision to enroll your child in a private school is not one that a parent takes lightly. However, our resources in terms of faculty, technology and facilities, indicate that Gwynedd-Mercy Academy takes very seriously its commitment to wisely steward our parents' tuition dollars and provide an excellent return on their tuition investment. Seeing the achievements, self-assurance and well-rounded presence of our graduates leaves no doubt that the GMA tuition dollar is an excellent value.

What sets us apart?

  • Longstanding tradition of Mercy education within a Catholic Faith Community that also benefits from the acceptance and inclusion of those from other faith traditions.
  • Named a twice-recognized Nationally Acclaimed Blue Ribbon School.
  • Nearly 100% of 8th grade students accepted into the highly competitive college preparatory high schools of their choice. An average of 20% of graduates receiving academic and/or fine arts scholarships.
  • Fee-inclusive tuition structure (no additional fees charged for technology, books, GATE, McAuley Learning Center, K-7 field trips, yearbook, staff benefits or mandatory donations)
  • Our average class size of 16 students allows teachers to give individual attention to students, offer a variety of student assessments and create experiential learning experiences
  • A full-time school counselor works with individual students, as well as small groups, acts as a resource for parents and teachers, and conducts grade-wide, age-appropriate workshops.
  • Progressive technology cross-curricular integration is supported by a full-time Technology Teacher and a full-time Director of IT.
  • Full-time kindergarten aides facilitate many small-group learning experiences for our youngest students.
  • Designated classrooms for instruction include STEM Lab, 3 Science Lab Classrooms (K-4, 5-6 and 7-8), Imaginarium for K-3, Art Room, Music Room and Computer Lab
  • Full-time Spanish and French language teachers for grades kindergarten to 8th grade.
  • Full-time Director of STEM instructs Creative Thinking Skills classes for grades K-8 and the Gift and Talented Education program for academically gifted students in grades 4-8.
  • Middle School Elective Program including Woodworking, Physical Computing, Multi-Cultural Art, Printmaking and Ukulele. 
  • Two full-time learning support teachers in the McAuley Learning Center ensuring that students with diverse learning needs can receive the help the need to succeed in our challenging academic curriculum.
  • CARES before- and after-school care program (additional fee required).
  • Full-time fine arts faculty.
  • Public speaking curriculum for grades 5-8.
  • Fine arts program including band, strings program, piano lessons and junior and senior choirs.
  • TerraNova standardized test scores reflect placement in the top 10% of schools nationwide on a consistent basis.
  • A compassionate, experienced full-time nurse on site every day, all day.
  • Outstanding athletic program directed by Boys' and Girls' Athletic Directors. Facilities include spacious gym and extensive athletic fields. Member of the Catholic Academy League.
  • Mercy outreach service projects are available to all students in grade-appropriate activities.
  • Club after-school enrichment activities for grades K-8, including art, science, and chess.