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Financial Aid Options

We want to invest in your child's future.

Parents: Don't assume that a private school education is beyond your family's means.

We offer two sources of financial aid. Option 1 is a Pennsylvania State/taxpayer-funded program with specific income parameters. Option 2 is discretionary funding built in to the school's operating budget. Families may qualify for both or one of these sources of financial aid.  

OPTION 1: Pennsylvania EITC/OSTC Program Qualifications for Family Eligibility for 2023-2024 School year
  • Family with 1 Child: Household income equal or below $127,532  
  • Family with 2 Children: Household income equal or below $146,620
  • Family with 3 Children: Household income equal or below $165,708
  • Family with 4 Children:  Household income equal or below $184,796
  • For each additional child, add $19,088 to the household income qualifications
Option 2: Financial aid funds available through generous donors and other programs for those who do not qualify for the PA EITC/OSTC Program.

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