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Back to School 2019-2020

Welcome back to a new year at GMA!  We look forward to our hallways and classrooms being filled with enthusiastic learners once again. 

Back to School FAQ

What is Book Day?

For those new to GMA, Book Day, Wednesday, September 4, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM is a chance for students to meet their teachers, pick up books, school supplies and the Mercy Memo envelope. It is not a structured event, students are not in uniform and they visit the school with their parents. Each student heads to the classroom area of his or her grade and checks the homeroom lists posted in the hallway. On each student's desk will be his or her books and supplies. The family's Mercy Memo communications envelope will be on the desk of the youngest or only child.

After visiting students' classrooms, families usually head for the gallery area. Note: Often the gym is the center of our Book Day activities, but the newly refinished floor will not quite be ready for traffic, so information and sales tables will be in the hallways and Gallery.

What's is there to do besides pick up my child's books in homeroom?

  • Grab an ice cream sandwich, Chipwich (neither is nut- or dairy-free), soft pretzel snack sponsored by the Parent's Organization
  • Get your Contact Paper ($5.00 per roll) and Book Sox ($4.00) from the Student-Council sponsored sale
  • GMA Athletics Information Table
  • Visit the gently used uniform sale table
  • Order a book for the upcoming Author Visit days sponsored by the Parents' Organization
  • Stop by the GMA Spirit and Athletic wear display 

How do I volunteer?

There are many parent volunteer opportunities, some within the confines of the school day - click here to volunteer:

  • Homeroom Parent
  • Library Assistant
  • After School Clubs Volunteer
  • GMA Parent Organization Team members

ALL volunteers who have any possible contact with children, even it is only once a year, must obtain clearances and training.

What are the "clearances" I hear people talking about?

 All parent classroom visitors or volunteers who interact with children must complete the clearance process - click here to review

When does my child find out who is his or her homeroom teacher?

Kindergarten students will meet their teachers at the August 21 Kindergarten Meet and Greet and Playground play date. Grades 1-8 homeroom rosters are posted outside of classrooms on Book Day.

Back to School Notes and Announcements:

From the School Nurse's Office - Are your child's immunizations current? All students must be in compliance with school vaccination requirements to be permitted to attend Gwynedd-Mercy Academy. Medical exceptions only are permitted per our immunization policy