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Mercy Connections 2021


Mercy Connections is an endeavor through which Gwynedd-Mercy Academy students have an opportunity to grow in awareness of those less fortunate than themselves.  

Each grade is connected to a particular ministry that has ties to the Sisters of Mercy – ministries that involve direct service to the poor, sick, or uneducated.   During the course of the year, the students ‘connect’ with the ministry by learning about its mission and oftentimes, meeting the people involved in the particular work of Mercy.

Why do we have such a program?

As stated in our Mission Statement, “…inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley, students are called to service and leadership in the global community.”

As followers of Jesus and as children of Catherine McAuley, we are called to look out for the poor and marginalized in our society. It is the school’s mission to educate our students to be leaders in the global community, living lives that promote justice and peace in our world.  This means looking out for those in society that have no one else to look out for them. 

Learning about our Mercy Connections provides students the opportunity to be exposed to the needy in our world as well as those who devote their lives to serving the materially poor.  Attending a school such as GMA is a great gift that parents have given their children.  “To whom much is given, much will be expected.”   As adults, it is very probable that GMA graduates will be in positions of influence in our society.  It is vitally important that these Christian values take root when they are very young, so the decisions they make as adults will help to bring about God’s kingdom of peace and justice here on this good earth.

Mercy Connection Days 2021

This year during Catholic School Week (February 1– 5), each grade will participate in a service-learning project centered on the Works of Mercy and that grades assigned Mercy Connection organization.  Some of these include McAuley Convent, Mercy Hospice, Hope Partnership for Education, Honickman Learning Center, Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, Women of Hope, and Project Home.  Each grade will spend time in the Religion class learning about their organization mission, the people served and their needs.  They will then participate in a hands-on service project.  In order to provide a safe and socially distanced environment this year, we have teamed up with The Giving Tree who will provide individual bags for each of the children to complete their project.  In lieu of asking for specific donations of crafts, toiletries, and other necessities from each student to complete their project, we kindly ask that each family donate $5 per student to partially offset the cost of this service activity.

Please send your contribution to your child’s homeroom teacher in a marked envelope anytime between now and January 26.  We greatly appreciate your support in helping us to inspire your student with the Gospel values and engage them as rising leaders in the tradition of Catherine McAuley.