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Service at Spring House Estates

Spring House Estates (SHE) Service Club begins in October and will take place on the following dates: October 3rd, October 17th, November 7th, and November 14th.  7th and 8th graders are invited to volunteer to visit the elderly at Spring House Estates. Students will walk to and from S.H.E. via the GMA ball fields accompanied by Mrs. Reeves.  We leave school by 3:15 PM and return to GMA by 4:15 PM

There are 12 slots available for each date.  Prior to their visit dates, student volunteers are expected to plan some form of simple entertainment to perform for the Spring House Estates residents.  This might include playing an instrument, singing as a group, sharing a school project, etc. As our first visit is very near, a simple prayer card made by the students and a warm smile will be great!

Registration closes on September 30.  If you are involved in the Friends of Mercy service club, you are still welcome to participate.  

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