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Honor Roll of Donors

2022-2023 Honor Roll of DonoRS

july 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Kenneth and Joanne Anderson
Gabriel and Karen Bikah
Joseph and Ashlee Biondo
Kya Blanco
Adam and Beth Borrelli
Matt and Stacey Buist
Vincent Campisciano
Patti Cannon
Thomas and Mary Pat Cannon
Nick and Kathy Caramenico
Phil and Breinn Carey*
Bryn Carroll
Francis and Sheila Carroll
Sr. Patricia Carroll, RSM
Sharon Casadei
Anne Casavecchia
Al and Kristy Chiaradonna
Carl and Marie Ciglar
David and Julia Clark
Patrick and Patricia Coll
Bethanne Connolly
John and Katie Conrad
Regina Corbin
Jessica Cressman
Steven and Diana Crothers
Justin and Jackie Cupples
Jim and Susan Delfidio
Thomas and Hillary DiGati
Donald and Susan Dolaway
Mark and Jennifer Driscoll
Ryan and Melissa Duckwitz
Brandon Edwards
Kevin and Kimberly Esmond
Thomas and Mary Evich
Terri Fasano
Bill and Tricia Fegley*
Tyler and Liz Finn
Bryan and Judy Fluke
Kathy Foy
Brian and Jessica Frankowski
Margaret Getz
Martin and Glenda Bilder
Pamela Grady
Sr. Georgia Greene, RSM
Brian and Kathleen Hannan
Andrea Healy
Mary Higgins
Heather Ho
Tim and Heather Hoover
Denise Huff
Thomas and Cynthia Hutton
Terri Hynes
Tony and Kate Imbesi
Edger Johnson and Jennifer Malatesta Johnson
Scott and Traci Jones
J. Margis Kapur
Raj and Melissa Kapur
Bridget Keeley
Sr. Laverne King, RSM
Kris and Anne Knapke
Dawn Kownacki
Ted and Amy Kuriger
Maura LaGreca
Brian and Anna Lall
Mike and Bridget Leary
Dennis and Kathy Link
Erik and Laura Link
John and Lynn Loftus
Stephen and Jane Longacre
Tom and Tina Lydon
Mia Rosati Marko
David and Jackie Massari
Sean and Nicole McCabe
Daniel and Andrea McCartney*
Andrea McDougal
Brian and Margaret McGann
Jack and Madelyne McKee
Carolyn McKee
Doug and Tara Miller
Conrad J. Miller III
Erin Miller
Joe and Dana Morrissey*
Samuel and Elizabeth Moyerman
Justin and Kelly O’Donoghue
Bill and Judy O'Neill
Kathleen O'Neill
Denise Palma
Mary Lynn Panunto
Lindsy Patten
George and Jessy Paull
Terry Penna-Harris
Luke and Cindy Perl
Alexi Podtelezhnikov and Yuliya Strizhakova
Mark and Nancy Quigley
Lindsey Rauch
Linda Reeves
Thomas and Ellen Roberts
Tom and Karen Robinson*
Donna Roy
Marc and Lisa Salamone
Peter Seely
Milo and Kristen Sewards
Liz Sher
David and Jodie Smith
Michael G. Smith
Stephen S. Smith
Edward and Lauren Sotherden
David and Yenny Stauffer
Nick and Jenn Stratis
Michael and Colleen Stratton
Suzanne Swartley
Shannon Topley
Jared and Christina Tuller
G. Scott Vezina and Johanna Kamerman Vezina
Joseph and Kelly Wagner
Terrence Walsh and Christine Jones-Walsh
Joseph and Maia An Welsh
Greg Westerbeck and Katie-Louise Dawson
Ken Young and Julie Pasceri-Young
*Depicts gifts through the EITC/OSTC financial aid program