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Student Assistance Fund

We have been taking time to listen as we navigate new challenges together in a world beset by a global pandemic. Our school is so much more than a building with walls and corridors, seats and desks, it is our home and a place of comfort for so many. The mission that fuels our cause is a constant, to shape tomorrow's leaders, even during the complexities of this virtual world.

Many of our families have reached out these past weeks and months about their impact, and how they are available and present if help is needed in the GMA Community. So after careful consideration, we have developed a new Student Assistance Fund. The purpose of this restricted fund is to support and assist students who experience an event or unforeseen circumstance that negatively and severely impacts their academic success or prevents them from continuing their education at GMA.

Give to the Student Assistance Fund

These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a supplement to a student’s education funding sources. Instead, these funds are restricted for those students who experience an event or unforeseen circumstance that negatively and severely impacts their academic success. Some uses may include, but are not limited to: tuition gap funding, technology needs, CARES, and Athletics/Quest Club fees.

The fund is administered by the Business Office, with consideration from the Administrative and Admissions team members. Priority will be given to students whose tenure at Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary may be at risk because of unexpected expenses.

Situations that warrant funding may include:

  • Parent/Guardian job loss or loss of working hours resulting in a significant change in household income.
  • Medical, dental or mental health emergencies for the student. Monies could assist in continued enrollment through the extended learning program or to cover an expense not covered by insurance or other funding.
  • Major accidents and events such as fire and natural disasters.
  • Expenses related to the death of an immediate family member.

To be eligible, students:

  • Need to be currently enrolled at Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary during the term when the emergency funds would be applied.
  • Must have a financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or other unplanned event.
  • Must be able to demonstrate their current financial need.
  • Must describe other sources of funding and financial resources that have been considered and are insufficient, unavailable, or not available in a timely manner.

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary is committed to supporting our students and families, as there has never been an initiative that roots us deeper in our Mercy values.

Give to the Student Assistance Fund