How Do We Support Our Students?

Gwynedd-Mercy Academy is committed to supporting students' various learning styles within the context of our mission to provide an enriched, academically challenging learning environment, preparing students for acceptance into highly competitive college preparatory high schools.

We recognize the diverse and changing needs of our students and families today and we continue to research educational theory and best practices in this area. Our team-based approach empowers students to be independent learners and actualize their potential, preparing them to be successful in the global community.

1. Professional Development of teachers provided in-house by Learning Specialists:
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • STEM
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Higher Order Thinking
2. McAuley Learning Center - staffed by two experienced, well-qualified, full-time learning support teacher. In the McAuley Learning Center students with diverse learning needs can receive the help the need to succeed in our challenging academic curriculum.

3. Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides Remedial Support Services:

  • Full-time Reading and Math Specialist – 5 days a week
  • Speech – 1 day a week
4. Full-Time GMA School Counselor:
  • Support for individuals related to social and emotional needs
  • Support for individuals related to organizational and time management skills
  • Small groups addressing various issues and topics
  • Whole-class/grade workshops
  • Resource for teachers
  • Resource for parents
5. GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) for academically gifted students in grades 4-8.
6. Creative Thinking Skills for all students in grades K-8.
7. Accommodation Checklists: accommodations that can be made within our learning environment; supported by classroom teacher with a team-based approach.
8. Technology support:
  • Google Drive and Applications for grades 4-8, allowing students easy access to a new level of online resources, no matter where they are - at home or at school. By using a single login, students can access their Google drive which contains a resource list of all of their available on-line textbooks and resources including user names and passwords.
  • One-to-one computer availability in grades 4-8, enabling each student in grades 4-8 to have a Surface Pro 3 tablet or Dell laptop available in every classroom.
  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and wireless internet.

  • iPad learning centers in grades K-3, World Language and Challenge Center for multi-sensory learning.
9. Study Skills class: grades 6-8.
10. Academic Advisors: Grades 6-8.

11. Lunch-time support provided by teachers.

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