Back to School 2018-2019

What is Book Day?

For those new to GMA, Book Day, Wednesday, September 5, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM is a chance for students to meet their teachers, pick up books, school supplies and the Mercy Memo envelope. It is not a structured event, students are not in uniform and they visit the school with their parents. Each student heads to the classroom area of his or her grade and checks the homeroom lists posted in the hallway. On each student's desk will be his or her books and supplies. The family's Mercy Memo communications envelope will be on the desk of the youngest or only child.

After visiting students' classrooms, families usually head for the gym and gallery area.

What's in the gym?

  • Grab a snack sponsored by the Parent's Organization.
  • Get your Contact Paper ($5.00 per roll) and Book Sox ($4.00) from the Student-Council sponsored sale.
  • Gently Used Uniform Sale - pick up some great uniform items.
  • Bins for unneeded uniform pieces. Those we do not sell at the used uniform shop will be donated.

Back to School Notes and Announcements

  • Students in Grades K-3 are not permitted to use wheeled book bags. We have found that young children may compromise their safety as they maneuver these types of bags in and out of cars, buses and on the stairs.
  • Supplemental school supply lists for each grade are will be posted at
  • The GMA Student Council will be selling Book Sox and Contact Paper again this year on Book Day. Book Sox will be $4.00 and contact paper will be $5.00 per roll.
  • Student Cell Phone Policy - Out of respect for others and in order to maintain an effective learning environment, cell phones may not be on or visible during the school day, from the time each student arrives on school property until he or she leaves at the end of the day. This includes bus and car line. Cell phones must be kept in students' backpacks or lockers during the school day. If necessary, a supervising adult may make an exception during an after-school activity.
  • Fall '18 Athletic Participation: Students who wish to participate in Fall '18 sports should complete the Fall Sports Interest Form. ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE FORMS COMPLETED USING THE APPRYSE WEB SITE.
  • Baseline Concussion Testing for GMA athletes in grades 4-8 will be on Wednesday, September 4. Check the calendar for the schedule.

Below are several valuable links for your information as we prepare to go back to school.

GMA Phone Numbers:

  • Main Office - 215-646-4916
  • Business Office - 215-461-1021
  • Annual Giving/Development - 215-461-1022
  • Boys Athletics - 215-461-1042
  • Girls Athletics - 215-461-1043
  • Sports Hotline - 215-461-1043
  • Nurse's Office - 215-461-1025
  • Religion Office - 215-461-1027
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